Resident Care

At North Ridge Health and Rehab, we are dedicated to the wellness and enrichment of our residents and patients. We commit ourselves to making your transition as pleasant as possible by providing comforting, nurturing support and quality medical care. These questions and answers can help you to get a better understanding of how we take care of our residents.

What is the admissions process at North Ridge?

We have a straightforward admissions process that involves the following steps:

  • Referral for admission into the facility
  • Doctor's orders
  • Patient assessment -- which is completed either in the hospital or at your home. If you are coming from the community, just give us a call.
  • Verification of insurance -- we will assist you with insurance verification and give you information about applying for Medicaid.

Once our review is complete and you are accepted, we will be able to admit you into North Ridge Health and Rehab for your short- or long-term care.

Upon admission, a full application packet will be completed with the resident, family, or power of attorney/guardian.

Call us today for admission or assistance at 763-592-2620.

Is there a waiting list?

We do have waiting lists for many of our services. The wait time varies by type of care service needed, type of room desired, and other factors. For example, in our Transitional Care Unit (short-term rehab unit) there is usually availability, as the openings change daily. Once we have completed your assessment during the admission process, we will be able to give you the waiting list information for the housing or services you will need.

The length of a waiting list should not discourage you from seeking admission. Although being on a list does not guarantee placement, it does give us an indication of your sincere interest when an opening occurs.

For more information, call us at 763-592-2620. A quick phone call placed to the Admissions Department can get you or your loved one onto our care center waiting list or pre-registered with our Transitional Care Unit.

I’m having surgery and my surgeon says I'll need rehab before I go home. Can I reserve a room in advance?

Our Transitional Care Unit beds are filled on a first-come, first-served basis only; however, you may pre-register before your surgery. Simply call our Admissions Department at 763-592-2620, answer a few simple questions about your surgery, and we’ll do our best to ensure we have a room available for you when you need it.

What is the difference between independent living, assisted living and nursing care?

Our admissions staff is available to answer your questions throughout the admission process and will be able to assist you with determining just the right program for your needs.

Independent Living -- is a housing option that provides private apartments within a supportive, active community. Property maintenance and lawn care are provided, eliminating the burden of those responsibilities. Dining and other services and amenities are offered, usually within walking distance.

Assisted Living -- While most seniors would prefer to “age in place” at home or with family, it is not always the safest housing choice. When a person is unable to perform daily tasks such as dressing, bathing, cooking or keeping their medication schedule, assisted living services provide support with those activities in order to help seniors live as independently as possible in a home-like atmosphere—usually a private apartment or suite. Assisted Living also provides social interaction throughout the day as well as opportunities to participate in individual or group classes, activities and events.

Nursing Care -- is for individuals who are infirm or chronically ill and require around-the-clock nursing care.

How much does it cost to live at North Ridge Health and Rehab?

Fees for our services are based on the level of care or service required by each individual resident. It is best to contact us directly so that we can discuss your specific needs and expectations. 

For information, call us at 763-592-2620. 

What are the visiting hours?

North Ridge Health and Rehab does not have set visiting hours. Our facility is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and you are always encouraged to visit. However, it's important to consider your loved one's special needs -- for medications, rest, medical treatment, etc. -- when planning your visits. Please observe quiet hours between 10:00pm and 9:00am. We welcome children as visitors as long as they are accompanied by an adult. 

What role will my primary care physician play during my stay at North Ridge?

Your primary care physician will play a large part in assisting you in deciding if a skilled nursing or rehabilitation stay is right for you. He or she will complete a history and physical assessment for you that we will use as a guide to prepare your individualized care plan. Much like a hospital uses these assessments, this history and physical will also assist the attending physicians at North Ridge in making medical recommendations for your care. At any time during your stay, you or your responsible party may make arrangements for you to be seen at your primary care physician's office.

Will my family members be allowed to participate in my care?

It is always recommended that family members be involved in the care of a loved one. In most nursing facilities, family members or guardians are invited to attend the resident's care plan meetings, which are designed to keep all your caregivers informed and involved.

As a family member or guardian, should you see a change in your loved one, make sure you bring it to the attention of the nurses. When information is shared with the professional staff, better communication results and solutions are easier to find.

What sorts of activities do you have at North Ridge?

While residents are allowed to make their own schedules, North Ridge Health and Rehab offers a variety of activities. There are planned outings into the community, religious services provided by area houses of worship, trivia games, Wii activities, arts and crafts, and many other classes and events. Activities at North Ridge Health and Rehab are planned to increase socialization, independence, critical thinking and to enhance the rehabilitation experience.

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