The 5 Qualities of Outstanding Short-Term Rehab Facilities

The stay might be short, but the value of an outstanding short-term rehab facility can improve your quality of life for years. You simply can't afford to skip the evaluation process before you decide on where you or your loved one will get the care, treatment and support necessary for a full recovery.

The Qualities of the Best Short-Term Rehab Facilities

You may have been discharged from the hospital, but that doesn't mean you're ready to return home just yet. If you still need to recover from an injury, illness or surgery, you will likely need to find a short-term rehab facility that can help you make the transition from hospital to home. But not all rehabilitation centers are the same. You need one that will meet all of your needs and help you progress until you're ready to stay at home.

As you consider your options, look out for these five qualities of outstanding short-term rehab facilities:

  1. A Diverse Team of Caring Staff. The number-one differentiator between outstanding rehabilitation services and average ones is the quality of care professionals. Look for a breadth of expertise and depth of talented people who specialize in skilled healthcare, therapy, administration and support. And if you visit the rehab center, be sure to speak with the care staff. Listen for a genuine concern for everyone's well-being and look for healthy interactions among the staff and residents.

  2. Comprehensive Therapy Services. When you have specific recovery needs, crossing your fingers is not a plan of action. Your short-term rehab facility must offer comprehensive therapy services, including physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. Only when all the recovery tools are at your disposal can you and your care professionals design and execute a recovery plan that will get you back doing the things you love as quickly as possible.

  3. An Individual Care Plan. The road to recovery begins with your care plan – and it should be wholly tailored to your needs and goals. The care staff at the ideal rehab facility will work with your doctors and physicians to customize the therapy, programs and progress goals of your plan. While changes can be made when necessary, a carefully considered care plan is crucial to the success of your rehabilitation.

  4. A Home-Like, Supportive Atmosphere. Rehabilitation is about more than charts and timetables. You need a rehabilitation center that takes your emotional well-being as much as your physical health into account. This starts with an environment of people who truly care about your recovery, and it extends to the center's rooms and common areas. Are they comfortable? Do you enjoy the company of the other patients and care staff? Feeling at ease and part of the community will be instrumental to making a total recovery.

  5. A Dedicated Transition Team. The ultimate goal of every rehab program is to empower you to do all the things you love again. When the time comes to return home as you continue the recovery process, you need a dedicated transition team to assess your progress, help map out the final steps, and ensure that you are ready to take that important next step.

See Why North Ridge Health & Rehab Leads the Pack of Short-Term Rehab Facilities

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